where are the SMEs?

Looking for a subject matter expert, someone that actually knows more than the buzz words and has experience in implementing and maintaining a Vertica solution.


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    Vertica count with a Professional Service team that can help you with the implementation. To maintain the database, it is not as demanding as other databases but still you need some Vertica knowledge to know what to monitor and what are the corrective actions. What are you looking for? Eugenia
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    Current production database is a 1.3TB sql database but in the extreme near future we expect this customer to grow at a rate approaching 200GB/month. Management has indicated that they want a Vertica implementation to do analytical reporting. Data retention period will be up to 11 years. Source data is from a call center environment doing around 32 million calls a month. Each call will have multiple CTI events as well as up to 50 call classifications. There are other data streams that will be included as well. Rather than hash out the project how can I contact you?
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    Hi Pete, thanks for joining our community! I have asked someone from our sales team to reach out to you at the email address on your account. If you prefer they contact you via phone or a different email address, please let me know at dsandahl@vertica.com
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    Hi Peter! You can contact me directly at kmarkella@vertica.com or at 617-386-4540. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Kelley

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