Table reorganize background process is "stuck"

Over 24 hours ago I started a table reorganize process on a very large table by performing a "alter table ... partition by...reorganize" operation. Data has been shuffling over all of my nodes since then. Disk space fills to 100% on each node and immediately falls back to normal levels. Data shuffling has now stopped, querying partition_status shows that the partition_reorganize_percent is still zero. Querying the partitions view shows all partition_key values have been set to null. No errors appear in the reorganize_errors view. How can I ensure that this reorganization operation completes?


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    Anyone have any insight here? This morning I'm making another attempt, this time setting the database to k-safe 0 temporarily and dropping one of the buddy partitions on my large table. This obviously makes me very nervous, but I am hoping that this frees up enough space to let the repartition operation succeed.
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    Hi David! We'll look into this for you.

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