On what port does Vertica Database runs ? is it 5433 or any other ?Kindly confirm.

Which port to open for vertica database connectivity from .net code ????


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    Hi Syden, To make client connections you just need port 5433. If you have a multi node cluster, there are some other ports that need to be open for the internal communication between the nodes. This is the list of ports : Vertica 5433 TCP (All client connections) Version earlier than 6.1.1 => 32768-61000 TCP (server <-> server) Dynamic ports, range depends on OS configuration, check /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range) Version after 6.1.1 => 5434 Spread 4803 TCP (Client connections) 4803 UDP (Daemon <-> Daemon) 4804 UDP (Daemon <-> Daemon) 4805 UDP (Monitor to Daemon) (optional and only if "DangerousMonitor = yes" in config file) Administration tools (adminTools, install_vertica) 22 TCP (SSH connections within cluster) Hope this answer your question. Eugenia

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