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I have stopped writing to the database and I want to alter the resource pool wosdata, but I receive this: vertica=> ALTER RESOURCE POOL wosdata MAXMEMORYSIZE '5G' ; ERROR 3911: maxMemorySize for wosdata can be changed only when the user WOS is empty HINT: Do a moveout and select * from wos_container_storage to confirm How do I "Do a moveout"?


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    Hi David, You can check in the table projection_storage column wos_used_bytes to see which projection is using WOS data. select * from projection_storage where wos_used_bytes > 0; You can force a moveout by doing =>select do_tm_task('moveout'); Hope this helps. Eugenia
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    That worked. Thanks!
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    Glad to hear that. Eugenia
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    Hi Eugenia,

    I am trying to enlarge the wosdata pool :I do the following ; in the end I have no sessions connected ;

    yet the wos_pool does not cleaned out entirely , hence it keeps failing .

    Since I change to 0 connections I can't just play around with it .

    The db is very large , but still there should be a way to get to a clean up .



    ================= sequence to change a resource pool ========================
    select GET_CONFIG_PARAMETER('MaxClientSessions') ; -- ( save the value)
    select SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER('MaxClientSessions',0) ;
    Select do_tm_task('moveout') ;
    Select close_all_sessions();
    Select do_tm_task('moveout') ;
    select * from wos_container_storage ;
    select node_name ,user_name,client_pid,session_id,client_label,transaction_id ,statement_start ,statement_id from sessions ;
    alter resource pool wosdata MEMORYSIZE '2G' MAXMEMORYSIZE '2G';
    select SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER('MaxClientSessions',500) ;

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