Vertica-R: is it mandatory to login using superuser to create Library?

Is it mandatory to login using superuser to create Library in Vertica?? own=> CREATE LIBRARY CDN.AggregateFunctions AS :libfile; ROLLBACK 4001: Must be superuser to create library


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    Hi Mayank, Yes, it is mandatory. R libraries are arbitrary code; a malicious library has the ability to crash the cluster, even to do some superuser-only operations. (As a simple example, R code can open and read arbitrary files regardless of any storage-area settings your superuser may have set up.) We try to sandbox R processes to protect against buggy code. But we don't protect against every possible bug; and we're unlikely to successfully protect against malicious code that takes advantage of security holes in Linux itself, etc. We realize that this makes it harder to develop on a production cluster. We generally recommend that you don't develop on a production cluster -- install Vertica on your own computer (so you can always be a superuser) or a small development cluster, and write and test your code there.

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