Recursive queries

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
Hello All In TD the recursive queries are supported with the WITH clause, The table in the WITH clause can be referenced in the select queries after it. Do we have a feature like this in Vertica. I have checked that Vertica provides WITH clause but it has restrictions with the recursive queries inside it. My query is create local temporary table tmp_litab on commit preserve rows as( WITH tmp_with_table as (select pm_id, pm_name from tempdb.kptab UNION ALL select pm_id,pm_name,t.pm_id, t.pm_name from (WITH tmp_withs_table as (select pm_id, pm_name from tempdb.kptab)), tempdb.kptab) select * from tmp_with_table); The code does not work. Any other way we can acheive this.......


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    Hi Navin, Unfortunately, Vertica does not currently support recursive WITH. Currently, recursion must be implemented in application logic. Adam
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    Hi there

    Is recursive WITH still unsupported?

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    Yes its still not supported.

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