How do you enable to a user to have select permission on all tables..for tables that currently exist

Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to that a role/user can have SELECT access to all tables that currently exist in vertica and will be made going forward. I ran "grant SELECT on ALL TABLES in SCHEMA public to reportgen_user" where reportgen_user is a role. and this worked on fine on Vertica 6.1 -- but for all new tables after the grant is run - well, you get a permission denied error. To allow access, I have to run the grant command again. Is this the normal behavior? Is there something I can run which allow "automatic permissioning" for all new tables? Or will I need to remember to grant selects after each new table is created? Thanks in advance!


  • Hi, Unfortunately this is the way that it works now. There is a feature request to change the behavior for the new tables too, but there is not a release date. Sorry for the inconvenience. Eugenia
  • Good to know. It's a tad annoying, but I can set up some sort of job to detect new tables and run the grant. Thanks for the quick response! Samir
  • This is the way that other customer workaround this inconvenience, or not even look for new tables, the run the grant constantly. Keep on eye in release notes, maybe one release you will find that it was resolved. Eugenia
  • Hi, 

    Has this feature shipped in a new release? 

  • Do we know approximately by when this feature will be enabled?


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