Mysql ETL into Vertica

What is the best way to do direct table data transfers from a source mysql table to an equivalent (almost identical) target Vertica table? So far, we have been getting by with a shell script that does "mysqldump --where...", substitutes some values in the output, and then does a vsql COPY into our Vertica table. It works, but it is quite a hack. Is there a better way? Thanks, David


  • There are many graphical ETL tools out there that you can leverage to do this - many have free versions you can download and use on your desktop. One in particular you can try is QlikView Expressor ( ) - full disclosure, I work for QlikTech. You'll need the ODBC driver for Vertica installed. If you are using the community edition of MySQL, you'll need their ODBC driver as well. We do include the MySQL enterprise ODBC driver.
  • HI David,

    Would you mind sharing the script that substitute the values in the mysqldump? I ran into the same problem with RDS, where you cannot export out data with mysqldump in TSV format.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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