Community Edition License File (6.1.2)

Where is the license file for the community edition? It seems that after basic installation of RHEL 6.1.2, creating a database fails due to no license. In the Management Console, the license path is set to: /home/dbadmin The admin guide says to leave this field blank. However the management console does not let me enter a blank value in that field. Am I missing something? Thank you.


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    1) run /opt/vertica/bin/adminTools 2) choose 7) advanced menu 3) choose 5) Upgrade License Key 4) submit a blank license key 5) create the database in either the adminTool or MC. It would be a smoother CE installation process if the MC just did that for you.
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    Hi Richard, Thanks for reporting this. What version of the management console (and of the Vertica installer) are you using? I'm able to enter a blank value in that field with the binary that's currently on my.vertica.com. Thanks, Adam
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    vertica-6.1.2-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm vertica-console-6.1.2-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm imageimage
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    Hey! We want to try vertica CE and install it on our server ( single - node ) for tests. While we try create database it's fail with error : *** Creating database: stats *** OK [vertica][(6, 1, 2)][000][all] Creating database stats Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (DOWN) Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (INITIALIZING) Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) Could not connect to database Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) ERROR: Database stats reports (INVALID LICENSE) ERROR: Database requires valid license file! Could not connect to database ERROR: Database did not start cleanly on initiator node! Stopping all nodes Issuing shutdown command to database Could not connect to database Press RETURN to continue We try to upgrade license key ( Advanced Tools Menu -> Advanced Tools Menu -> Empty path ) , rename license key in /opt/vertica/config/share but it doesn't help. What we do wrong ? Os : debian 6.0/64x
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    Hi Richard, Vertica licence path is required. Please enter the path , where the licence key is. Thanks Bhawana
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    Hi all, Bhawana: Actually, the path is not required for the CE. Richard: Actually, here's a question: Did you previously have the Vertica Enterprise Edition installed? If so, you could try uninstalling and making sure that all files (including old config files, which rpm will sometimes leave behind) in /opt/vertica/ have been removed. Then install the CE and try again. (Vertica does not support downgrading from the EE to the CE.) Adam
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    Hi Adam
    would you also be kind to see my post ? I also have the issue after installing. and my post is here:  https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/why_i_cant_next_to_configure_database_after_install

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