Anyone have details of how to use Vertica's ADO.NET driver authenticated against Kerberos V5?

I was unable to find useful information in official documentation. Could anyone provide details such as client machine setup, driver connection string parameters, server side configuration sample, Kerberos principle name example? Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Ying, Unfortunately, the reason you can't find details is because it doesn't work. Vertica's ADO.NET driver does not currently have support for Kerberos. You're certainly not the first person to ask, though. I can't personally promise anything (I'm on one of our server teams, not our client-drivers team), but if you're attending our August user conference or any of our public events, it's something you're welcome to ask our product-management folks about. Adam
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    Adam; Thank you so much for the prompt answer. Do you mean kerberos authentication doesn't work for all drivers, or just ADO.NET driver? Ying
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    Hi Ying, I can't speak for all drivers, but Vertica doesn't currently have broad Kerberos support. I believe that the Linux vsql client, though, for example, does support Kerberos authentication, per the config at https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#10970.htm Adam
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    Doesn't appear to work for vsql or ODBC either. Didn't test JDBC connectivity. Get an error that indicates that the authentication method is not supported.

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