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how do i download the EE ? i can find the CE only. I heard I need a superuser connection ? I work at HP , hence I understand the license will be free.


  • Hi yamy, As of Vertica 6.1.2 (released just last week), the EE and CE packages are the same package. To install the EE, you will need an EE license file. You then install the Vertica package (if you haven't installed it already), and use adminTools to tell Vertica about the new license file. (If you need an older version of the EE, that's more complicated... I'd recommend running the latest version if possible.) I don't know the process (or cost) for getting an EE license for internal HP use; I'll ask around, hopefully someone will get in touch with you either here or directly. Adam
  • I understand from another unit over here that in fact for hp we will receive the license for free. anyway , what should be the procedure ? i shutdown the db , then simple run the rpm ? Thanks,
  • Hi Adam, sorry forgot to greet you first, so impolite , won't happen again .
  • Hi Yamy, No problem for the greeting -- it's a little more formal than most forums; I certainly don't mind if you skip it. I just do it because it's polite; also it helps remind me to introduce my replies. (I'm an engineer here; if I were writing to another engineer, they'd already know a lot about Vertica :-) ) For the RPM, which procedure? If you're running the older 6.0 CE and you want to upgrade to the 6.1, you'll have to shut down Vertica, manually uninstall the existing RPM, then install the new one. Make sure to back up your data first! Upgrades from CE versions prior to 6.0 aren't supported, so that may or may not work smoothly for you. (One of the many things that will be better going forward with the new CE...) Adam
  • Oh, right -- for any other type of upgrade, it's documented here: https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/PDF/HP_Vertica_6.1.x_InstallGuide.pdf

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