Has anyone migrated a Vertica DB to a new storage area before?

We want to move our Vertica database which is currently stored on a VM to our SAN, but I can't appear to find any documentation about migrating a db from one storage area to another. I've followed up this with our account manager, and haven't had much luck finding documentation. The db server itself is to remain intact, it's just the data files we want to move. As I'm new to Vertica (and indeed have been out of the industry for a while so have rusty db admin skills), the only parallel I can draw from memory is that in SQL Server, you can unmount the db, move it, and then remount it. I can only presume there is something similar in Vertica, but can't find how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ben


  • Hi Ben, The following steps should help migrate your data to the new storage location: -> Add the new storage location to Vertica using the add_location function. Make sure you assign appropriate label to this storage location. -> For all the schema/ tables you want to migrate, create new schema/ tables and associate these tables to the new storage location using SET_OBJECT_STORAGE_POLICY. -> Use the MOVE_PARTITIONS_TO_TABLES function to move data from old tables to new tables. -> Retire the old storage using DROP_LOCATION once all the data has been moved. You can look for the functions I mentioned in the administrative guide, and may also find my notes on storage location @ http://bit.ly/13TlRL7 helpful. /Sajan
  • Thank you Sajan, I shall take a look at this now.
  • Hi Sajan.

    Could you let know if steps are the same for multi-node cluster?

    Thank you in advance
  • Yes, steps are same.

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