Can we stop the vbr.py script which is taking backup

We have a script which takes backup of database using vbr utility For the past two days the vbr utility is still running. I just need to confirm whether we will loose any data if we stop the script which calls the vbr utility. In other words..can we stop the vbr utility while it is running ? what will be the impact of that on the database.


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    Hi Sreeraj, Yes, you can stop it and there is not impact in the database. When you first run the vbr, it takes a snapshot of the database, in other words a list of all the files that make the database ( fdb and pidx). Once that the snapshot finish it strat rsync and moves those files to the backup server. By default it runs in /tmp/vbr folder, there you can find some logs to see the progress and why is stack. So if you stop it, stop rsync too. As it is outside of the database has not impact. However that backup is incomplete and won't restore. But if you run vbr again it will consider the files that you already transfer. Hope this helps, Eugenia

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