Installed Vertica CE edition does not work

Hey! We want to try vertica CE and install it on our server ( single - node ) for tests. While we try create database it's fail with error : *** Creating database: stats *** OK [vertica][(6, 1, 2)][000][all] Creating database stats Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (DOWN) Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (INITIALIZING) Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) Could not connect to database Node Status: v_stats_node0001: (VALIDATING LICENSE) ERROR: Database stats reports (INVALID LICENSE) ERROR: Database requires valid license file! Could not connect to database ERROR: Database did not start cleanly on initiator node! Stopping all nodes Issuing shutdown command to database Could not connect to database Press RETURN to continue We try to upgrade license key ( Advanced Tools Menu -> Advanced Tools Menu -> Empty path ) , rename license key in /opt/vertica/config/share but it doesn't help. What we do wrong ? Os : debian 6.0/64x


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    Hi, Amelia! Thanks a lot for answer. Actually i've resolve my problem. In my situation package with Vertica CE was downloaded into my pc and then was upload to server by scp. After installing i had a problem with license key. If any has the same problem the solution is to download package straight to server by wget or any soft with copied link from download page.
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    Hi Alex, glad you figured it out! Thanks for sharing your results as well, I'm sure that will help many more CE downloaders in the future!
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    Danielle, maybe you can help me to know more about license? CE is good, but in near future we will have more than 1TB of data and now we try many solutions for save and analyse a lot amount of stats data. Vertica is pretty good after some tests and i want to know how to get license. Maybe you have some offices in Russia or Ukraine ?
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    Hi Alex, I have let our sales team know you're interested. Could you email me at dsandahl@vertica.com and let me know your preferred contact method?
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    How to download the rpm file directly to the server from the site using wget? whats link which we have to pass? How to accept the End User License Agreement which is asked in the website?

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