I currently use COPY FROM LOCAL option with vsql connecting to a specific node. My questions is: 1) Is the defailt behaviour to run the COPY command on the node that is given in vsql? 2) Can I give ON ANY NODE option in COPY FROM LOCAL? 3) If answer for question 2 is yes then does it mean host given in vsql will be used only to make initial connection and COPY could actually run on any node in a cluster?


  • Hi Mohit, Technically, COPY (or, at least, a piece of any given COPY statement) always runs on all nodes. That said, COPY always parses data on the node that contains the file data. Or, for COPY LOCAL, the node that vsql is directly connected to. So: 1) Yes, or from the initiator node in case of COPY LOCAL or COPY FROM STDIN (which do not allow specifying a target node because it's always the same) 2) No Adam

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