6.0.x odbc driver download

Where can I download the older 6.0.x windows x64 odbc drivers? I'm using tableau to connect to a 6.0.x version of the server and I believe the driver version needs to match the server version.


  • Hi Jon, Here is the link to download the ODBC drivers. https://my.vertica.com/downloads/vertica-6-software-downloads/ From the above link you can download the you can download the individual driver as well as the client package. Usually it is recommended to match the versions. Newer versions of Vertica database server is compatible with the previous version of the client drivers. There shouldn't be issue using version 4.1 client with version 5 or version 6 server. However, some new features of the new server version may not be available through the old drivers. Please let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Bhawana
  • Is it possible to use newer versions of the client driver with older versions of the server? For example, client driver 6.1 with vertica server 5.1?
  • Hi Jon, Usually I think it's the other way around, older drivers can continue to talk to newer servers to allow customers time to migrate their apps. I don't think the newer drivers are able to talk to older servers in all cases. There may be some like 6.1.2 to 6.1.1 but 6.1 to 5.1 is a significant jump. There is a compatability matrix in the programmers guide that shows which work with which. Thanks, Bhawana
  • I just verified that the 6.1 client driver could not connect to the 5.1 server. Thanks for the reply. BTW, I think the link you provided was to an internal wiki.
  • Hello... this link does not work: https://my.vertica.com/downloads/vertica-6-software-downloads/  It goes to  a page saying: "Coming soon! HP Vertica 7.0.0 Community Edition.

    Please be patient while we finish polishing and buffing the bits."

    In my 10 years of working with MySQL, I have not had a single instance where I could not download the driver and in my FIRST experience with Vertica, I can't.

    I am not satisfied with the experience and have a strongly negative view at this time.
  • Hi Tom,

    Our apologies for your unfortunate experience.  We're certainly aware that having any of our download pages be unavailable at any time is a problem.

    As has been noted in other threads, you can download from the Vertica Marketplace:


  • That works... Markeplace has the download.  

    Poor execution here.  I burned hours on this.
  • Tom

    Can you please provide me with the actual file that you are attempting to download?  That site should not be down and I was able to download the Linux ODBC driver without any problems. 

    If you are a Community user then we only post the latest software and we are in the process of uploading the latest drivers and as the message states the site is being updated. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience but I see that you were able to get the files from the Marketplace.
  • >> I am not satisfied with the experience and have a strongly negative view at this time.

    There are no apps without bugs (websites too), especially when site doing upgrades, so be patient. Right know this site do a lot of changes (finally!!!)
  • I am at a loss as to why adding new drivers to the page means that all of the drivers people are trying to use today cannot be downloaded.  On the page with the Linux driver download, I get into a loop trying to download the Windows driver.  It repeatedly asks me to update my Profile.  I would suggest creating a new profile and trying to reproduce.
  • Hello, can you please provide a direct link to the driver. I am looking for the windows and linux client drivers for HP Vertica Solo 6.1.2-2. Just as a note, since this is the version available for testing on Amazon AWS I would recommend keeping the driver readily available.
  • Hi, I also have a problem in downloading the vertica 6 Linux ODBC driver from my.vertica.com.  It keeps asking me to update my Profile but not redirecting me to the actual download page.  I could not find the odbc driver from the marketplace too.  Can you please send us the direct link to the driver?

    It's so frustrating to spend so much time in such a simple task :(
  • I need the LinuxODBC 6.x x64, but I couldn't find it any where. Please give us a direct link.
  • Marketplace doesn't have any version 6.x downloads now. Are they gone forever?
  • The Marketplace is still under development; it currently just lists the latest drivers at any given time, but this may change in the future. You can now download the Vertica 6.1.3 drivers from http://my.vertica.com/ . Community Edition users have access to the 6.1.3 driver at this time; this is the latest 6.x driver and should work with all 6.x servers.
  • The Windows drivers are missing from the collection of 6.1.x drivers available on your site.
  • I am unable to download Windows ADO.net 64 bit drivers(6.1.3 Drivers) ,  It repeatedly asks me to update my Profile. Please provide direct link or how can I download this drivers .


  • Same here - redirects to update profile page and stop just there
  • I am testing and need to verify functionality between v7 and v6 64 bit odbc drivers for support of a tool we use that is having issues with v7. The support team for the 3rd party product says it works fine with v6 for them. I could use the v6 driver link as well to see if it will get us up and running.

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