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Vertica DDL for Objects

Can anyone tell me how to get ddl of objects and how to use export_objects function Which of Verticas Documents / books best describes how to use this functionality


  • The Administrator's guide, Copying and Exporting Data contains the export_object and export_catalog functions. Here is the link The SQL reference manual also contains the syntax regarding the commands. For the export_objects for example, this is the link From our Documentation. Example The following example exports all the non-virtual objects to which the user has access to standard output. The example uses false for the last parameter, indicating that the file will not include the MAKE_DESIGN_KSAFE statement at the end. => SELECT EXPORT_OBJECTS(' ',' ',false);
  • Hi Steve, The export_objects as you said is the function that you are looking for. You can do it : select export_objects('/tmp/table_ddl.sql','table_schema.table'); here it will export the ddl in the file /tmp/table_ddl.sql of the table table_shema.table. Here is the link to the documentation with more details. Hope this helps, Eugenia
  • Thats fine thank you, just trying to understand how vertica works !
  • Register in and take a look at the training. There are few videos that are free and gives you a good start point. Good luck! Eugenia

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