Unaligned output, no messages, retain headers

I can find no combination of flags which allow me to retain headers but lose the message at the bottom of query output. [dbadmin@lga-vertdev04 ~]$ vsql -w dbadmin -A -c "select 1 as a" a 1 (1 row) [dbadmin@lga-vertdev04 ~]$ vsql -w dbadmin -t -A -c "select 1" 1 What I want is a 1 can be solved with awk, tail etc, but it seems like this would be the most natural way to output a csv and I can't seem to find a way.


  • You use the -P footer= on the vsql command line to set the footer to be empty. This is the same as using \pset footer from within vsql itself. example: vsql -A -c "select 1 as a" -P footer= a 1

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