Web development tool for Vertica data

Terry_MarrTerry_Marr Registered User
We have just moved our data from Oracle to Vertica and are now searching for a fairly easy web development tool to front-end it. Suggestions?


  • Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert
    Hi, Are you looking for a client tool like TOAD to query the data from Vertica? Or trying to develop web application using Vertica as a back end Database?
  • Terry_MarrTerry_Marr Registered User
    Hi, we already use Toad to develop the back-end data. Now we are looking to develop a web intranet application using Vertica as the back-end
  • Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert
    ok, If you are developing web application and trying to access Vertica Database, then you can access data using ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC etc. Refer to the documentation: https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#12557.htm
  • If I may jump in briefly: In addition to our official drivers, you'll find that there are a number of community-maintained drivers. For example, there's one for Python (and an adapter specifically for Django); there's one for Node.js; etc. Our JDBC driver also works with, for example, Hibernate. Basically, lots of things work. What do you want to use? Others here might have specific frameworks that they like.
  • Terry_MarrTerry_Marr Registered User
    Thanks for the replies. Specifically, we are looking at Visual Studio Lightswitch. Have you tried to connect to Vertica data source using that? We need to develop a 3-tier web solution. Will ODBC work in that configuration?
  • thomas_1thomas_1 Registered User
    Is it possible  to integrate the hibernate with HP vertica? If so ,then which dialect that i have to use ? Please advice me? Sure it will be more helpfull for me.
  • rixrix Registered User

    Hi Terry, were you able to build this web application on top of Vertica ? I was looking through the forums to find some information on any such application and found your post. was wondering if you were able to build this and if you faced any challenges.


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