Programmatic interface for Management Console functionality

Is there a programmatic interface for Management Console. We want to grammatically add Vertica nodes to MC as part of our overall business process. What I am looking for is importing an databases/clusters from MC console using a script or command or any other API to add nodes to MC. Thanks -Siva


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    Do we have the answer for it
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    Hi all, I'm not on the MC team myself; someone there may have more information. But the MC should just reflect the state of the Vertica cluster. If you want to add nodes, you can use the "adminTools" command-line utility. adminTools's "-t" option can be used to invoke it from scripts/etc. Note that adminTools must be run directly on one of the nodes in your cluster, as the "dbadmin" user (or equivalent in your configuration). Changes made to your cluster via adminTools should also show up in the MC. New databases/clusters may not, unfortunately, automatically show up in the MC at this time; you may have to import them manually. But you can create them via the command line, just leaving the last import step to the user. I believe new nodes within a cluster should show up just fine. If you would like functionality that's not currently available via adminTools, I'd encourage you to post to the "Ideas" section of the site. Adam
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    thanks Adam.. I am HP employee. Do we have internal contacts or Vertica internal forums? Yes, i tried using admintools on nodes and using VMC , both work. Now, we wan't to automate VMC cluster creation wizard. So, that end-user doesnt have to do node and DB install manually.
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    Hi Rajashekar, Ah, welcome from another corner of HP! Unfortunately, I don't think we have internal forums right now. You're not the first to ask, though. The underlying problem is, there are only so many of us and HP is quite large; we can't keep up with all the creative/useful internal projects that everyone at HP comes up with. Though we try :-) (And for public functionality, it's better to discuss it on these forums anyway so that others can see the answers too.) I'll ask around about this particular functionality. I don't think (?) that it exists currently, but if we have something, I'll ask someone to get in touch. Adam
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    Thanks adam :) Our current requests. For our customers we are shipping Vertica Community Edition. What we need from Vertica Management Console 1) Adding Node from VMC after customer upgrades to Enterprise edition 2) Confgurng LDAP configuration Programmatic/VMC API 3) Install vertica cluster by vmc APi/programtically 4) installing DB instance vmc APi/programtically

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