Problem with displaying the result of Interval Data type in Squirrel connected to Vertica 6.0 CE

I am using vertica-client-6.1.2-0 Vertica client version and vertica-jdk5-6.1.2-0 JDBC driver. When I run the SQL query in squirrel (version 3.5.0) (SQL Editor) to display the data having Interval data type it appears to fail to display the proper value and ends up with displaying "" as the output value. While if I run the same query in VSQL it runs perfectly fine and returns the proper value in proper format. I would like to know if there is some setting in the Squirrel Client for the same. Below is the Screenshot showing the display problem of Interval data type in Squirrel Client imageimage Note: Vertica 6.0 has two types of Interval Data type - DAY TO SECONDS and YEAR TO MONTH


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    Hi Amelia, thank you for your response. Do you have a further update on this?
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    Hi Richa, I will reproduce this issue on my side and get back to you. Thanks, Bhawana
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    Hi Richa, To retrieve a VericaDayTimeInterval from the database, select an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND column, call ResultSet.getObject and cast the result to a VerticaDayTimeInterval Here is the link for more details: https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/JDBC/ Thanks Bhawana

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