Data is not getting distributed in all nodes of cluster why?

i have created 3 node cluster . hoast1 hoast2 hoast3 i am loading data from hoast1 The problem i am facing is.... loaded data is not getting distributed in all nodes its using only hoast1 memory please help me out..


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    Hi Renu, Can you please runt he following statement: get_node_dependencies(); and send me the result. Regards, Bhawana
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    Hi Bhawna, Sorry for placing wrong question can you help me with following link where i have described my problem properly https://community.vertica.com/vertica/topics/insufficient_resources?rfm=1
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    Hi Bhawana,


    This is regarding the same issue that I am facing now.


    As you told the I am sharing the output of select get_node_dependencies(); as below


    Deps:/n011 - cnt: 190/n101 - cnt: 190/n110 - cnt: 190/n111 - cnt: 39


    Also see the out put of below query.


    select  node_name,count(*) from query_requests group by 1;


    node_name                count
    v_pmdb_node0001    77895
    v_pmdb_node0002    2393
    v_pmdb_node0003    15



    I have set the load balance policy to roundrobin and ksafe 1 with 3 nodes


    Can you tell me why the load is not distributed ?




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