Hints in the projection creation script

What do the hints in the auto-generated projection deployment script from the Database Designer mean? createtype()? I couldn't find anything about them in the vertica online community documentation, could anybody explain them and how useful they are?


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    These are new to 6.1.1. They were added to address a problem where the projection createtype hints were being lost when processed through Database Designer. Now when projections are created by Database Designer (which is also invoked during a rebalancing operation), base names and create types are maintained. 
    The createtype() you see is the embedded hint in the SQL so that when Database Designer exports the objects and/or generates new objects from old, the createtype hints are maintained, even if you defer deployment.
    The "D" is for Database Designer, "P" is the projection was created with a projection clause, and "L" if creation was delayed meaning the table was created, but waiting for data to be inserted. If createtype is empty, the projection was manually created and never manipulated by Database Designer.

    Note: The createtype
    hints are not documented, because they are for internal use to help maintain consistency and identification of creation.  These hints are not intended to be used outside of database designer.
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    thank you very much. that was very informative.
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    Note that these are included in the export_objects() output as well.

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