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Hi, we are doing migration from Td to vertica. we wanto check if db link features is available in vertica. If so pls let us know the details. Earlier when we did a migration from sybase to oracle. we have created a db link in orcale and used scripts to compare the source & target data. wanted to try something similar way to ensure that the data validation is done correctly.


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    Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    As per knowledge, I do not find any dblink for vertica. But surely, you can copy the ORACLE data to Vertica using a unix shell script. Use COPY command in Vertica. In a shell script, pipe the output from oracle to Vertica in COPY command ( using input as STDIN) and then run the script. This shell script can also be used as STORED PROC in Vertica and running this Stored Proc from Vertica will pull the data from Oracle to Vertica. Any one in the forum may please add more information if I haved missed any thing.
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    Members of my team have been able to dblink from SQL Server to Vertica. So, that would indicate that it is very possible to go from another platform that provides dblink capabilities to Vertica.
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    I would love to see more about this "dblink"! 
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    May I please get a copy of the shell script and also the STORED PROC in Vertica?  Appreciate your prompt response.

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