Vertica Community License Restrictions

how does the community edition license work? Can a company use the community edition to analyze data without any license restrictions ? Also..how is the 1Tb caclulated..is it based on raw data ingested ? If we purge data daily..does the purged data get released back to the available pool of data upto 1Tb ?


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    wwong2wwong2 Employee
    Hi, please refer to the following links in the online documenation for answers to your question.

    Overview of the Community Edition and additional links
    Overview and Information about licenses.
    In reference to your question, as noted, 
    -Raw data size based and a limit of 3 nodes (HP Vertica Community Edition)
    -If your license includes a raw data size allowance, HP Vertica periodically audits the size of your database to ensure it remains compliant with the license agreement. For details of this audit, see Calculating the Database Size. You should also monitor your database size to know when it will approach licensed usage. Monitoring the database size helps you plan to either upgrade your license to allow for continued database growth or delete data from the database so you remain compliant with your license. See Monitoring Database Size for License Compliance for details.
    -If your Community Edition database size exceeds your licensed data allowance, you will no longer be able to load or modify data in your database. In addition, you will not be able to delete data from your database.
    To bring your database under compliance, you can choose to:
    Drop database tables
    Upgrade to HP Vertica Enterprise Edition (or an evaluation license)

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