not able to start the database

i am facing the problem specified in below link http://vertica-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=89 the solution i found from this link is rerunning the spreadd I did the same but still my database is in initializing state please provide me the other solution


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    Hi renu, Hm... Could you be more specific about exactly what you're seeing? Newer versions of Vertica can sometimes take a little while to start up. (It's a known issue, and is improving but not yet fixed.) How long have you waited? Also, have you looked at "vertica.log", or the "dbLog" file, for the database that you're trying to start and on the node that's not starting? (The former is in your catalog directory; the latter is in the catalog directory's parent directory.) Could you post the last dozen or two lines of vertica.log, and the whole contents of dbLog? (dbLog is usually only a few lines long.) Most likely one of these two will at least indicate what's wrong, if not say what to do about it. Thanks, Adam

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