Error on large COPY: lost synchronization with server: got message type "F"

Executing vsql with a COPY FROM LOCAL ABORT ON ERROR with large enough input (split into multiple files) results in: ----------------------- Error: lost synchronization with server: got message type "F", length 43729 connection to server was lost ----------------------- What can be causing this and how to avoid it? Thank You!


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    Hi Oleg, Out of curiosity, are you using the latest version of vsql? (And what version of Vertica?) Various issues have been fixed with COPY LOCAL in recent driver versions. If that's not it: How many files do you have, and how big is each file? How far does Vertica get before failing? Does it reach an error (ie., an invalid line) and abort as requested, just giving the wrong error message? Adam
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    I am facing same issue today. COPY LOCAL is trying to load several hundreds of load files  in a single command. Does vertica have any limitation on request buffer size or limitation on number files to be loaded through COPY LOCAL command. It works fine with small number of files.

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