Data Encryption

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
Hello, How do we encrypt data in Vertica. Do we have any function to ecrypt data while storing on disk and then decrypt in while reading the data. Is there anything similar to pg_crypto in Vertica


  • Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee
    Vertica supports loading files in 3 formats, text delimited (varchar in UTF-8 format), native binary, and native varchar. Our encoding is done during the load to compress the data to keep the storage requirements smaller. Vertica uses Run Length Encoding, Delta Value, Block Dictionary, Lempel Ziv and a wide range of composite compression schemes optimized for different column types such as time-series, float, and other data. New encoding and compression mechanisms are added continuously based on customer demand.
  • Nimmi , This is storage level encryption , anyway to encrypt it logically , so data like credit card numbers will not be visible to users with read access to a table , Oracle as this ability
  • Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee
    Navin, with the current version of the product we don't support storage level encryption. We are working on this feature and it should be availabe in next release.
  • Nimmi,
    Can you speak more to the storage level encryption you plan to have in Vertica. This is an extremely important capability for our usage. If this is going to be in Vertica very soon (1Q2014) then I believe the road may be clear for us to purchase Vertica.
  • If you want to encrypt a subset of columns, such as credit cards, you can use UDF to do this.  There's an example encryption package in the vertica github.

  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    I will surely try this.

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