Polymorphic Functions in R UDF

I have been trying to use the polymorphic functions in R UDF. I have tried it as follows:
  testingCrosstab <- function(x)  {       var1 <- x[,1]    var2 <- x[,2]    crossTab <- as.data.frame.matrix(table(var1,var2))    crossTab  }    testingCrosstab_factory <- function()  {    outlist <- c("int","int")    list(name=testingCrosstab, udxtype=c("transform"), intype=c("any"), outtype=outlist)  }  
However, when I try creating a transform function as follows:
  CREATE TRANSFORM FUNCTION testingCrosstab AS NAME 'testingCrosstab_factory' LIBRARY crossTabTest ;  
This throws the following error: ROLLBACK 3399: Failure in UDx RPC call InvokeGetPrototype(): Error calling getPrototype() in User Defined Object [testingCrosstab] at [vertica-udx-R.cpp:169], error code: 0, message: Error happened in getPrototype : Exception in getColType(): Unsupported data type : any Is the option "any" not supported anymore in R UDFs? Thank you. Ravi


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    Hi vioravis, I will do some testing on my side and let you know what I find. Thanks Bhawana
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    Hi Vioravis, It is supported in 6.1, what version of the software are you using? Thanks Bhawana

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