designer Ksafe issues

designer Ksafe issues I am working with 4 nodes cluster. 200 schemas When I am trying to run the designer for particular schema, I get an error: ERROR - Deployment did not complete because of error -- Failed during select mark_design_ksafe(1) Also, select mark_design_ksafe(1); will get : Current design does not meet the requirements for K = 1. Current design is valid for K = 0. Projection tnt_0011_stg.PROM_CYCLE_QLFR_XKEY_MNG_super has insufficient buddy projections; it has 0 buddies . . . My questions: 1. How can I overcome this problem and start using ksafe(1) 2. What happened (all of a sudden) that so many projections has no buddy projections 3. How can I get the list of problematic projections? 4. How can I avoid this problem in the future?


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    Hello , Thank You... It's Urgent... we are in the phase of performance analysis to our platform, and Vertica is the main part of it. We can't continue the tests with Ksafe=0
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    still waiting for response....
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    Hi Gil, Someone else may have a more-thorough response. But the most common problem here is if someone sets the cluster to k=0 and no one else notices. Then all default autoprojections will not be k=1-safe. To solve the problem, you'll need to either (if you haven't loaded much data yet) drop your tables, set k-safety to 1, and re-create them; or (if you have loaded data and don't want to drop it) use the CREATE PROJECTION command to create buddy projections for anyone who's missing the projection. There may be alternative explanations or workarounds; if there are, hopefully someone will speak up. If you'd like help with any of this, we'd encourage you to file a support case. The forums get responses whenever someone (either an employee or a member of the community) knows the answer. Or, thinks they know the answer :-) More-official channels have stronger guarantees on if and when you'll hear back, and on the accuracy/completeness of the response. Adam
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    Is there a way to get the DDL for just those problem projections? 

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