COPY file with pipe in string

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
Hello All, I have come across a scenario where we need to load some data in the Vertica table. The data here is in a special format Flat file Code: Select all A|B|C|D|edfg|hi|jk|L|J|R| A|B|C|D|hdjf|ih|gm|L|J|R| Here the data in small letters has 2 pipes in them, which Vertica takes as delimitters, But it is a part of one string in the 5th column of flat file. So that completely is a string which needs to be loaded into single column in Vertica table. I am using the copy command for this, but Vertica gives "Column mismatch error" as interpreted by Vertica. How can I load this data into Vertica in a table with 8 columns.


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