How to start DataBase from commandline using plink.exe

I am now manually opening my vertica database through putty.exe and by specifying the folder path (Admintools) it is showing one window to start/stop/connect to the database etc. I need only to start the database from passing the commandline through plink.exe How can I do this please suggest Thanks Ajit Kumar Nayak


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    Hi Ajit, You can script many of the admintools options. Check the documentation to see the list of those options, https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#3824.htm One of the options is to restart_db. Hope this helps, Eugenia
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    Thanks Eugenia Moreno for your reply I am using the following command through plink.exe -ssh -l root -i "C:\xyz.ppk" "/opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t start_db -d DB -p 'password'" But it is showing root user has no permission to do this . As I have a super user dbadmin to do the above opertaion. How can I pass 'su dbadmin' command through plink.

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