6.1.2 MC Installation on a cluster node

        6.1.2 MC Installation on a cluster node:1. ONLY as of 6.1.2 does MC support the install on a cluster node.2. The cluster would have to be Vertica 6.1.2 3. As root, change directories to the location where you saved the package:# cd /tmp
        4. List directory contents of /tmp to make it easier to identify/copy/paste rpm name
          5. Install vertica-console: # rpm -Uvh vertica-console-6.1.2-0.20130327_DEVBRANCH_6.1_BULLDOZER.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm6. Connect to MC through a browser, pointing to the MC server:  https://<IP address to console server>:5450


            Stop the MC process    # sudo /etc/int.d/vertica-consoled stopStart the MC process    # sudo /etc/int.d/vertica-consoled start

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