Availability of SOUNDEX function in vertica?

Hi, We really required these below mentioned functions for reporting purpose, So that i would like to know whether there is any alternate for CONTAINS function in vertica? Related Issues: And also especially i would like to know whether SOUNDEX, NEAR, Logical NOT, WEIGHT function is avail in vertica or not? For more info, i already tested with some of SQL's using REGEXP_LIKE, even though those above mentioned functions are not working, so please let me know is any feasibility to have these in vertica DB Thanks & Regards, Kiran


  • Hi Kiran, You can view the full list of built-in Vertica functions here: https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#8941.htm Of these, logical NOT is provided, but I believe the others are not. We may have an analytics add-on pack that provides some similar functionality. I'm not sure, though. Others here may comment. Also, if you happen to be attending our user conference in two weeks, you should ask our product-management folks there. Vertica does support external functions via our SDK. If you wanted to (and if you have C++, Java, or R developers in-house), you could implement these functions for yourself. Alternatively, there might be a third-party package that provides these functions for Vertica, but I'm not aware of one. Adam
  • Hi Adam, Thanks for your reply. we have the only one way that we need to go with external functions as you mentioned. So i'll try and will come back to you if any suggestions. Regards, Kiran
  • Hi Kiran,

    Were you able to implement Soundex function in Vertica?
  • Hi Kiran,

    Were you able to implement Soundex function in Vertica?

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