Unable to find 32 bit VM machine for Vertica

Hi, unable to install vmware image on 32 bit windows machine Edit Subject VMware Server 2.0 (64- & 32-bit Vertica) VMware Workstation 7.0 (64- & 32-bit Vertica) I am trying to install the above VMWare images on 32bit windows machine, but its allways getting installed as 64 and giving error. Can anyone help. Below files are downloaded from vertica: Vertica 6.1.2 x64 for VMWare.vmx I have attached the error message too. Could you please help. Thanks, Ganesh imageimage


  • Hi Ganesh, Vertica is a 64-bit process. There is no 32-bit version. Most computers are capable of running 64-bit virtual machines these days, so this should not usually be a problem. (I know many people still have 32-bit Windows, but 64-bit VMs will actually run just fine on 32-bit Windows.) As the error message here indicates, yours is capable of running 64-bit VMs too; just, you have 64-bit virtualization disabled in your BIOS, so you'll have to enable it to run the VM. If you're having trouble doing that, we're glad to try to help. Though you will likely get a quicker response in VMware's forums. Adam

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