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What is the recommended RAID configuration for Vertica cluster with k-safety=1 (RAID0 or RAID5) or a

Trying to install vertica on a 3 mode cluster with k-safety=1. What is the suggested RAID configuration for Vertica in such cases?


  • Hi Umesh, RAID 0 OR RAID 5..... Basically you need to understand the K-safety feautre is just for the safety of the database and is only on the database level. While RAID is for the OS level. I would suggest, If you have a production cluster go with RAID 5. If it is a Development cluster then you can opt for RAID 0 as there is no mirroring in RAID 0 RAID 5 because - Best cost effective option providing both performance and redundancy. Use this for DB that is heavily read oriented. Write operations will be slow.
  • Hi all, Actually, Vertica typically recommends RAID 10. Though some other configurations also work. -- May require you to be logged into first Adam

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