Unknown system query consuming 15% of overall query workload

While reviewing our query_requests content, we discovered that the following query constitutes almost 15% of our query workload: select * from (select type_name as data_type_name, case odbc_type when 9 then odbc_subtype when 10 then 1111 else odbc_type end as data_type, column_size, null as literal_prefix, null as literal_suffix, creation_parameters as create_param, 1 as nullable, 1 as case_sensitive, 3 as searchable, 0 as unsigned_attribute, case odbc_type when 2 then 1 else 0 end as fixed_prec_scale , 0 as auto_unique, type_name as local_type_name, min_scale as minimum_scale, max_scale as maximum_scale, odbc_type as sql_data_type, odbc_subtype as sql_datetime_sub, 10 as num_prec_radix from v_catalog.types order by odbc_type, odbc_subtype) as vmd; This is not a query generated by our custom code and appears to be related to the Vertica JDBC driver that we use. Can someone shed some light on what this query is used for and how we might be able to reduce/eliminate the need for this query (if possible) that has hit our database over 28K times in just a 5 hour period? Thanks in advance, Dave


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    Thanks a lot Amelia. We are using the Vertica JDBC driver which I suspect is at the root of this even though the query above shows "odbc" references.
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    Any update re: this issue?

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