Vertica CE VM for VMWare Extraction Error

Hello There, Trying to extract the Vertica CE VM files for VMWare player and getting an error message that it requires 6 Peta Bytes. Any reasons for getting this error and how to fix it?


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    Hi, This message is certainly not correct; our VM is not that big! The file is, however, somewhat large. This error can happen for two reasons that I know of: (1) the download is corrupt (in which case you should try downloading it again); (2) you're using a third-party program to extract the VM files and the program is having trouble with such a large file; in which case you should use the program that comes with Windows (or another that you know can handle files of this size or larger). Adam
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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi , The (.vmdk) file is around 1.5 GB. Try downloading it again
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    Did repeat the download and used the unzip from Windows. As with the first time the down loaded file is ~1.5 GB compressed . But the uncompressed file size of the VMware virtual disk file is around 6.6 PB which is causing issues with the extraction process due to non availability of the PB of disk space. Any other thoughts why this may be happening?
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    Try it with 7-zip HTH, Aakash
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    Extraction with 7-zip worked. Thanks.
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    Hi, I'm having problems with VM installation - getting message "operation system not found". Do you have the doc on VM installation? What are the steps? thank you! Helen
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    Hi Helen, Generally, the installation is pretty straightforward -- you download the VM image, un-zip it, then open up the VM in VMware (using File -> Open...) and run it (by clicking its "Run" button). Or, for the Workstation image, just double-click on the .vmx file that you get when you extract the .zip. That should be all there is to it. You do need to already have a VMware product installed. I'm sure VMware would be happy to assist you with that :-) <> Are you, by any chance, using a non-VMware program (such as Oracle's VirtualBox) to try to run the image? The images were designed for VMware products. I know people have gotten them to work in VirtualBox, but you have to do a bit of work to get the virtual hard-disk drivers configured properly. Others here may be able to help you with that. But it's unsupported. You might want to look into installing the free VMware Player, which can play VMware Workstation images. If you are using a VMware product, I suspect that your image didn't un-zip correctly. Are you sure you have enough disk space? Adam

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