LDAP integration with Vertica (using preconfigured image)

We have a test environment using your esx4-6.1.2-0.64 images and Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.16-8. In trying to actually get LDAP to check users, I've seen the documentation at https://my.vertica.com/docs/6.1.x/HTML/index.htm#18816.htm as well as several other pages. My issue is that I have an empty test database set up. I can easily make the vertica.conf puke with malformed commands though it only happens with bad commands. The ldap commands, however, seem to just be accepted on a service restart and no log anywhere says anything about whether it works or not. Additionally, I get auth failure testing one of the users against it. There's no log of failure, only the users that are on ldap that is not working. The command that I'm presently using is very simple, but I've tried about 100 variants and nothing so far has been successful. Also, the machine is able to connect to and pull LDAP, so I know it's not a connectivity issue. The vertica.conf file has one line: ClientAuthentication = local all ldap "ldap://FQDN.local;basedn=dc=corpname,dc=com,ou=People" What should I be doing to get this to work properly? And could this better documented? It's very difficult to tell which configurations are supported, and having to hunt around between your official site and other resources doesn't seem like the best route to great support. I'm not a hater, just saying.

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