High value for counter 'bytes spilled' in EXECUTION_ENGINE_PROFILES

For counter 'bytes spilled' and operator 'NetworkSend', the execution profile for the following query shows values of 56622780, 46137080 and 18874260 for the 3 nodes in the cluster. However, the overall memory utilization per node doesnt go beyond 13%, and resource pool the query is running has access all the memory. Is the data being spilled to buffer during transfer between the nodes, and is there any configuration i can change to avoid this spill? select a11.group_id AS group_id, a12.level1 AS level1, rank () over(partition by a12.level1 order by count(distinct a11.imsi) desc nulls last) AS WJXBFS1 from Fact a11 join Dim a12 on (a11.group_id = a12.id) where to_timestamp(a11.datetime_id) between '2013-04-01 17:11:48' and '2013-07-23 17:11:53' group by a11.group_id, a12.level1; Thanks Sajan

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