Duplicate projections created automatically

I am using Vertica 6.1.2, and noticed that when the table is created and loaded with data using INSERT statement, Vertica creates multiple projections (even if the table has a single column) and all of the projections are based on same set of columns. I tried following- CREATE TABLE test_table( first_name VARCHAR(10), last_name VARCHAR(25), age INTEGER, gender VARCHAR(1) ); INSERT INTO test_table VALUES('John','Smith',16,'M'); SELECT * FROM projections WHERE upper(anchor_table_name)=upper('test_table') AND projection_schema=; SELECT * FROM projection_columns where table_name='test_table' AND table_schema=; Observations- a. There are 3 projections for the table. All of them are suffixed with "_b". b. All of these projections use all 4 columns. c. "IS_SUPER_PROJECTION" flag is true for all of them, The behavior is similar in Vertica 6.0 but different in Vertica 6.1.1. In 6.1.1, after data insertion, a super projection with suffix "_super" is created. Am I missing something here or is this a known issue in Vertica? Thanks, Rupendra


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