Error when using prepared statement through JDBC on some queries.

Hi, We're using vertica-jdk5-6.0.1-0.jar. We're trying to execute the following prepared statement with the right parameters: select rt.campaignid , , timestampadd('hh', ?::int * floor(rt.hour / ?::int)::int, hourInterval , sum(rt.clicks) "clicks" , sum(sum(rt.clicks)) over(partition by rt.campaignid order by timestampadd('hh', ?::int * floor(rt.hour / ?::int)::int, asc rows between unbounded preceding and current row) "cumm. clicks" from admailtiser.rt_reports_dc rt join admailtiser.campaigns c on = rt.campaignid group by rt.campaignid , , timestampadd('hh', ?::int * floor(rt.hour / ?::int)::int, order by rt.campaignid , , timestampadd('hh', ?::int * floor(rt.hour / ?::int)::int, We're getting an error that says we must use group by for the "rt.hour" and "" fields. When we execute the same query without prepared statement - it works just fine. It looks like a bug in the jdbc. Is there a fix for this? Is there a workaround we can use? Thanks, Asaf

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