What did you learn at the HP Big Data Conference?

Thank you so much to everyone that helped make our first conference a success! Please feel free to share your favorite sessions, new tips you picked up, or ways that we can improve for next year. We're already excited to see you again next summer!


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    Hi, it was really great time. For me the best were technical sessions but the most important was to meet so many people with passion and ideas. That was the best. And of course I cannot remember about hackathon that luckily I won with my colleagues. I hope that I will be able to join next year :)
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    Hi Danielle - How can I get a copy of the documents that were showed at the Advanced Performance training?
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    Ashley, I think that these documents can be get from: http://hp-vertica.com/hp-vertica-advanced-performance-training/ But I am not sure if there are all of them.
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    Good call Filip. We did not post the slides but the exercises are available on that page.
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    We were told at the conference that the slides will either be posted on the website or email to us. Now we cannot get any?
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    With all the commotion I forgot that I already included the slides. Just use the link and download the zip file to get the slides.

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