Does anybody backup their Vertica database into Seagate EVault?

Morning all Continuing the story regarding how the Vertica backups work, and what constitutes as the "original" backup files and relate directories which I have discussed in previous posts, we finally settled on trying to put the main "backup" folder, as opposed to the "archive" folders into our offsite EVault. For clarity, these folders are listed below, and the one we tried to put into the EVault is "data_services_backup" [root@elinkvertica01 v_data_services_node0001]# ls -lrt total 24 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 5 11:18 data_services_backup_archive20130805_111547 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 6 10:00 data_services_backup_archive20130806_095739 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 8 09:19 data_services_backup_archive20130808_091631 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 8 09:22 data_services_backup_archive20130808_092223 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 12 11:29 data_services_backup_archive20130812_112901 drwxrwx---. 3 ... Aug 14 16:08 data_services_backup What I didn't anticipate is that when the Vertica backup runs, it recreates the data_services_backup directory structure. Having selected this as the top level directory to be stored into the EVault, when it ran a second time, errors were thrown because essentially, while the directory names are the same, they are not the same directories as they were when the EVault was configured. I appreciate this is likely to be an unusual way of securing a Vertica database offsite. Basically it follows our existing BC/DR architecture. Perhaps we're trying to put a square peg in a round hole, but we'd like to exhaust this possibility before looking at alternatives. If you have any experience with EVault, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ben


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    Hi, have not had any cases called in for feedback for Seagate Evault.


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