how to remove a node from Vertica cluster that was already dead

One node out of my 5-node Vertica cluster just went dead before I even had a chance to decommission it. How can I delete this node from the cluster?


  • Hi Jun, The Administrator's guide in the section "Removing nodes" outlines the process to remove nodes from the cluster. You will need to redesign your projections before you remove the nodes from your cluster. Removing one or more nodes consists of the following general steps: 1. Backing Up the Database. Vertica recommends that you back up the database before performing this significant operation because it entails creating new projections, deleting old projections, and reloading data. 2. Creating projections that exclude the nodes that you want to remove from the database, and then refreshing data within these projections. See Modifying Database Designs for Updated Nodes. You will need to create new projections both unsegmented and segmented for each projection. 3. Testing the modified database design. 4. Dropping the original, unused projections as described in Dropping Projections. Note: Be sure to follow this procedure or Vertica might not allow you to drop some projections. 5. Removing hosts from the database. 6. Removing hosts from the cluster if they are not used by any other databases. Thanks, Bhawana
  • Bhwana, In your response, you write, "See Modifying Database Designs for Updated Nodes" and "as described in Dropping Projections". Where are those docs? I haven't been able to locate them in the guides. I looked at the links Prasanta listed, but I don't see the info required to modify the database design before dropping the node.

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