SSIS data source/destination not able to see the list of Vertica tables

Hello, I have 2 issues: 1. Using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, I get to the "Choose a Data Source" screen where I selected ".NET Framework Data Provider for Vertica" and entered the login credentials. When click on Next, it goes straight to the "Choose a Destination" screen. I was not able to see the "Select Source Tables and Views" screen. After I choose a destination, get to the "Specify Table Copy or Query" screen but the "Copy data from one or more tables or views" option is disabled. My only option is to write a query to transfer data. Why can't I select the table from Vertica db? 2. When create a dtsx package using MS Visual Studio 2008, I don't see the ".NET Framework Data Provider for Vertica" on the Provider list of ADO NET Source/Destination. Am I missing something? Thanks.


  • Found the solution for issue #2. The issue was I installed the 64-bit driver to the wrong folder (C:\Program Files). Reinstalled to C:\Program Files (x86).

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