Deployment errored

Hi, I have created a database from scratch, very straightforward, I have run about 7 queries against it and they run completely fine, so, then I decided to run the DB Designer and I got the following errors: Deploying and generating deployment script... [ 0%] Deploying/Dropping projections... Completed 0 of 24 projections. Deployment errored . The deployment error is Deployment did not complete successfully. ERROR - Deployment did not complete because of error -- Error querying: select dp.deployment_id, dp.deployment_projection_id, dp.design_name, dp.deployment_projection_name, dp.anchor_table_schema, dp.anchor_table_name, dp.deployment_operation, dp.deployment_projection_type, dp.deploy_weight, dp.estimated_size_on_disk, sum(deploy_weight) over() as sumweight, stmt.statement_id, stmt.statement, table_id from v_dbd_crakrev-design.vs_deployment_projections as dp left outer join v_dbd_crakrev-design.vs_deployment_projection_statements as stmt using (deployment_id, deployment_projection_id) join v_catalog.tables on (anchor_table_schema=table_schema and anchor_table_name=table_name) DETAIL:Syntax error at or near "-" Design script is located in /home/dbadmin/crakrev-design_design.sql Deployment script is located in /home/dbadmin/crakrev-design_deploy.sql Database Designer finished. ------------------------- So, the process has finished however I have a error saying that the deployment found some error (Deployment errored)


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    Hi! You have char HYPHEN-MINUS (-) in design name and this is source of error: "crakrev-design". Remove hypen-minus and everything will be ok.
      Unquoted Identifiers    Unquoted SQL identifiers must begin with one of the following:        * An alphabetic character (A-Z or a-z, including letters with diacritical marks and non-Latin letters)      * Underscore (_)    Subsequent characters in an identifier can be:        * Alphabetic      * Digits(0-9)      * Dollar sign ($). Dollar sign is not allowed in identifiers according to the SQL standard and could cause application portability problems.  
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    thank you =)

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