JDBC connection refused

Getting this SQL exception when trying to connect via JNDI from tomcat. I can telnet into the host:port that vertica is running, so I know it is up on the network. Any ideas? [Vertica][JDBC](10100) Connection Refused: (11640) Required Connection Key(s): database, host; (11480) Optional Connection Key(s): autocommit, connsettings, directbatchinsert, logintimeout, loglevel, lognamespace, logpath, port, readonly, resultbuffersize, sessionlabel, ssl, threepartnaming, transactionisolation


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    Hi Greg, Hm... Sounds like JDBC is not able to complete the connection. Are you sure that all your JDBC connection keys/arguments are correct? You could look in "vertica.log" (in the catalog directory on the server) to see if any more messages are listed there. Adam

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