Min. requirements to install & run on a single node.

Hi, What is the minimum system requirements for installing Vertica community edition on a single Node (using a VM) or on Windows 8 operating system for getting hands on in Vertica...? Can you please tell me


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    Hi Rajesh, We actually provide a pre-built VM on our Downloads page (for VMWare products, including the free VMWare Player); I'd recommend that you just download that VM and try it out, see what works for you. Vertica requires 64-bit Linux, so under Windows you will need a VM; you'll also need a 64-bit CPU (most modern CPUs are capable of 64-bit instructions) and you'll need virtualization to be enabled in your BIOS if it's not already. For reasonable operation, Vertica requires at least 2gb RAM *per CPU core* that you're allocating to the VM. It is possible to run Vertica with less -- down to around 1gb or so -- but I believe the installer will complain loudly at you, and you may see various queries/operations/etc error out because they don't have enough RAM to run. Please do note that performance here won't be what you'd expect from a dedicated Vertica installation; we're not tuned to go small. But it should work if you just want to play around a little. Adam
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    Also, if you want to test Vertica out quickly on a more-substantial system, you might be interested in our Community Edition single-node Amazon AMI: https://aws.amazon.com/amis/hp-vertica-solo-6-1-2-2 It's a single-node instance. Boot it up, log in, and you're good to go. Of course, it's not free -- we don't charge, but Amazon charges you to host the VM. Adam
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    Thanks for the info Adam...
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    Thanks Adam. This is useful starting point. Cheers!
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    Is single node image still available? Can't find it

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