No way to run admintools after admin host fails

I have a 3 nodes cluster running 6.1.2 enterprise. The administration host is no longer available because of a hardware failure. When I try to start the adminTools on one of the remaining hosts, it says : user dbadmin is not allowed to run adminTools. To enable access run install_vertica. But I do not see what option of install_vertica can achieve this. Thanks for helping


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    The issue can be because of missing config files on remaining 2 nodes.
    Can you check if you see any files at location "/opt/vertica/config/users/dbadmin"? I would have suggested copying this directory from admin node to other two nodes, but considering admin node is down we don't have this option?

    Any possibility of having admin host back?

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    There was a file called installed.dat, but ownership was root, no idea why. I changed it to dbadmin, and I am now able to use adminTools. Thanks

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